TGIF - Thank God it's Friday! - The English Network


TGIF is an event forum.

TGIF is an English community network platform for intermediate and advanced English language speakers.

TGIF offers events on Fridays or random days of the week at inspiring locations around 6:30 PM, where you can meet for English conversations.

All TGIF members are welcome to contribute impressions in an email newsletter sent after each event. The emails are corrected and edited, then sent with permission as a circular.


The goals of TGIF are fulfillment and fun.

TGIF combines leisure and learning for a bright path into the future.

Meet friends who have a passion for speaking English.


Who can join TGIF?

Everyone who likes to speak English is welcome to join TGIF.

How much does it cost to join TGIF?

The fee for each TGIF event, which includes all coordination and newsletters, is 10 euros.

What are the services of TGIF?

The services of TGIF include cultured conversations in English, newsletters, English corrections, moderating of events, and connecting with friendly people at exciting locations.

What about cancellations?

Cancellations are accepted up until two days before each event. In the case of a cancellation two days (or later) before an event, the full fee of 10 euros must be paid.


Participants from my courses, including in-company business English advanced trainings and private clients, are interested in meeting at inspiring locations to communicate in English.

The need of meeting informally coupled with my individual talent for combining learning and leisure has given way to TGIF.

TGIF events take place after work on Fridays, or possibly on other days of the week, around 6:30 pm at different locations.

Learn English today with a friendly, professional and qualified native speaker from California. Join TGIF.