Feedback on the Christmas Market 8.12.14
10.12.2014 / 15:14

How was the Christmas market on Monday 8th, 2014?

We shared the experience of participating in a German ritual. There were delightful cones of perceptions: gustatory - mulled wine and "Kartoffel Puffer"; visual - colorful Christmas lights and a huge crowd of cheerful people; auditory - listening carefully to pick up news on dermatology, track and field athletic skills, James Last, and the shipping insurance business, plus the exciting prospects of a new job.

There was also, of course, the tactile and olfactory, once-a-year sensation of holding and smelling a brimming mug full of "Glühwein"; plus the warm hugs and handshakes with our heterogeneous TGIF group.

I am looking forward to TGIF at the Christmas market in 2015!

Feedback on 14.02.2014
14.02.2014 / 23:24

Feedback: TGIF on Valentine's Day

What is the origin of Valentine's Day? A popular account of Saint Valentine of Rome states that he was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were forbidden to marry and for ministering to Christians who were persecuted under the Roman Empire.

Perceptions on the evening of Valentine's Day 14 February 2014:

Thank you for the nice Valentine's evening in the gallery. I had a lot of fun watching and talking about the colourful paintings, meeting colleagues from my old firm, meeting you and some interesting people in the group.

And thank you for the big, red marzipan heart with the tasty little hearts which you offered us during the entire evening.

Looking forward to seeing you again at the next TGIF event. 


I enjoyed the Rupert Eder exhibition very much. The drawing called "Dervish in a Club" especially impressed me.

A Dervish is a member of an ascetic islamich fraternity. Some of these Dervishes are noted for their frenzied, ecstatic, whirling dance. 

In the above drawing Rupert Eder expresses the rotation very well. I am looking forward to the next exciting TGIF event. 


Feedback on the Christmas Market
17.12.2013 / 20:45 a comet blazing cross the Christmas sky in 2013...the tasty warmth of Feuerzngenbowle in a friendly encounter with laughter and good feelings...standing around a little table enjoying good conversation...a fleeting experience gone too soon.

It was such a nice idea to meet at the Christmas market, to have ''Feuerzangenbowle'' all together, and to share some ''Kartoffelpuffer'' with you.

Although I do not have the opportunity of speaking English on my new job, it was a good feeling to recognize that my English was still there.

I would like to meet up for another TGIF event, so please keep me informed.


Feedback on DESY Open House Day
02.11.2013 / 23:17

Photons, electron interaction, invisible light made visible, refractors, lasers, wavelengths....

Wow! What an exciting other world to experience on a grey Saturday in Hamburg.

Thank you very much, Wei, for sharing some of your knowledge with TGIF.

It was a great honour to have participated in the DESY Open House, especially to have sparked some interest with the children. Thank you, TGIF, for your curiosity about my research. It really made me feel that my job is worthwhile and encouraged me to continue.


This amazing experience of explaining our research to the public inspired us to think about our work in a different way, which is really important for our further exploration in the future.

Shih-Hsuan Chia

A special Thank You to Wei for sharing his immense knowledge about lasers etc. with us during our visit at DESY. It was a real eye-opener in the world of science for me. 

I was also very impressed by all of the young scientists of so many different nationalities working together in our city...and then the children with their was a great day.
Thank you TGIF.


I enjoyed our little excursion into the world of lasers, particles and x-rays. Diving into unknown spheres is something I just love!



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